1. siječanj, 2016

Professionals working on the last day of the “old year”

Pleasure and honor for us was to spend the last day of 2015-s, in the company/Agency of dedicated professionals; congratulations to the Agency for Gender Equality of BH!

31.12.2015 - Agencija za ravnopravnost spolova BiH  31.12.2015 -Agencija   image-6a0b40db07d5a290ab3739f3bb654fbb724e4cf5f8daa8c1c3cb0b9b7a609ec8-V image-3463d621d8a6252d7e1f5101aeaf402bbfb261c02d074adc51da955f2fd95fa7-V image-affebcf4759a4d1659d55be82a4ff0c998b5744cca88cac2b86ad999c1d82d69-V