30. ožujak, 2018

Association BONAVENTURA and the Association ALEA in a friendly working visit to the SUMERO Alliance

IMG_20180330_143526 IMG_20180330_143545   IMG_20180330_143445 IMG_20180330_150556  POSTCARD BAG - good one

We are proud to present the appearance of our cooperation which will, we are confident; produce excellent results

The Association BONAVENTURA and the Association  ALEA have been in a friendly-working visit to the SUMERO Alliance today. The TEGO Concept was also presented as a demonstration of occupational therapy that will eventually become a self-sustainable economic option.

We presented to our friends the TEGO Concept that has aroused interest. Our friends from the SUMERO  have been interested in the process of manual recycling and making the TEGO Concept product; POSTCARD BAG. Interest is equally demonstrated by boys and girls, which is also one of the goals of the TEGO Concept, contained in the very name Tourism Ecology Gender O. The first phase of the TEGO Concept design process has been successfully completed; POSTCARD BAG.