15. svibanj, 2018

Conference “Position and Protection of Women Journalists in BH Media”

 Source-text downloaded from the portal: www.bhnovinari.ba

The Conference on “Position and Protection of Journalists in BiH Media” was organized by the Association of BH Journalists in cooperation with the OSCE Mission in BiH and the Civil Rights Defenders organization.

IMG_9842-945x597  IMG_9852-768x455  32430392_10217102882431371_2336033416669036544_o  IMG_9860-300x200 32626998_10217103777333743_1871070191463432192_o   The women journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina are often a target of gender-motivated and other forms of harassment and threats while performing professional tasks. In addition, research has confirmed gender disparities at the expense of women, especially in media governance and editorial positions, a two-day conference on “Position and Protection of Women Journalists in Bosnia-Herzegovina Media”, which began today in Sarajevo.

The problems faced by women journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina do not only question freedom of expression and media but also gender equality, which is why there is a need for networking women journalists and strengthening solidarity as an interest category.

“Women Journalists are often the targets of harassment and threats in online and offline spheres. These issues need to address the public, “said the head of the OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bruce Berton and expressed the continued readiness of the organization for its contribution to the protection of the rights of journalists in BiH.

“A large number of cases of gender-motivated attacks on journalists, who have registered the Journalists Support Line, are just a part of the reason for considering the idea of establishing a network of journalists as a platform for solidarity and a struggle for their freedom and protection,” said Sweden’s ambassador to BiH, Anders Hagelberg.

Ena Bavčić, a program advisor to the Civil Rights Defenders organization, said that although the attacks on honor, reputation and physical integrity of women journalists do not treat them seriously as life threats, they continue to cause significant and damaging consequences of professional and personal / personal nature.

“I think it is time to start thinking about the position of women not only within the profession of journalism but also in the realization of civil and political rights. Women journalists need to be strengthened to report such attacks, ie the private way of confronting journalists, needs to be transferred to the public sphere and to work more thoroughly, “said Bavčić.