14. rujan, 2018

Regional Conferences: “Meeting Elections 2018: Increasing Women’s Participation in Decision Making Points in BiH”

A regional conference was held in Sarajevo to meet General Elections 2018 in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Increasing women’s participation in decision-making.

The Regional Conference Organizers are the Gender Equality Agency of BiH MHRR BiH, Bonaventure Association, funded by the Council of Europe.

The Regional Conference opened with introductory speeches by Samra Filipović Hadžiabdić – Director of the Agency for Gender Equality of Bosnia and Herzegovina MHRR BiH, and on behalf of  the Council of Europe the speech was held by  Guillaume Loiseau Advisor – Conseiller Directorate General II Democracy – Direction générale II Democratie.


Fotografija Bonaventura.

An overview of the activities aimed at increasing the participation of women in the light of General Elections 2018 in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  and a media campaign is also presented

“WE REPRESENT CANDIDATE – YOU CHOOSE ” which was thought out in support of candidates for all levels  of government during the 2018 general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

https://vimeo.com/289453716     https://vimeo.com/289453601  https://vimeo.com/289453475   https://vimeo.com/289453886

https://vimeo.com/289515060  https://vimeo.com/289527666  https://vimeo.com/289547720  https://vimeo.com/289572393

https://vimeo.com/289575572  https://vimeo.com/289576198  https://vimeo.com/289577113  https://vimeo.com/289584976  https://vimeo.com/289583401  https://vimeo.com/289585825  https://vimeo.com/289591206  https://vimeo.com/289932098

The panelists from BiH, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia presented the experiences and practices of the countries in the region.

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