2. listopad, 2018

Bonaventura expert associates participated at the seminar – How to successfully write and apply for the EU projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Today; 02.10.2018 in Sarajevo at Hotel Saraj, in front of EURHO Consulting j.d.o.o. from Osjek-Croatia; Tanja Popović-Filipović held a one-day seminar on how to successfully write and apply for the the EU project in B&H. The seminar was attended by about thirty participants, among them a professional associate of BONAVENTURA, Aida Vrućak.

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The introductory part of the seminar presents the EU programs that can be applied from BiH, and who, in what way and for what it can apply on each individual program. Given the wide range of values that promotes and protects the EU, it is possible to apply for different projects, ranging from assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises, to the development of scientific research activities, human rights protection and environmental protection.

BONAVENTURA is particularly active in the areas of human rights protection and environmental protection, and EU funds are a great opportunity to apply for funding for projects that will contribute to better and healthier living conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond because BONAVENTURA has excellent cross-border cooperation with neighboring countries .

The very way of writing a project is explained, and what a project should contain to be in line with the requirements of the European Commission. Featured are some successful projects from Croatia, as well as currently open tenders and those that will be open soon , can be applied from BiH, such as Europe for Citizens 2014-2020. At the end of the seminar, all the participants were given certificates.