3. listopad, 2018


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In the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina today; On October 3rd, the first agreement in the history of Southeast Europe was signed in cooperation between women in entrepreneurship of four states: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, making this part of the Old Continent become a center for women’s entrepreneurship, strengthening co-operation among women as well as mutual respect regardless of the countries they come from.

The agreement was signed by the presidents of the most active and by the number of members  – the owners of companies and trades, the largest associations in all four Southeast European countries: “Virtual Women’s Entrepreneurial Center” from Zagreb, headed by entrepreneur and director of the center Sanela Dropulić, “Promotion of Healthy Living” headed by Sofija Bajić from Novi Sad, “Miniature Company – Little Thought, Great Work”, headed by a Slovenian entrepreneur from Ljubljana Zori Jakolin, and “Poduzetnici IN” from Bosnia and Herzegovina, represented by Adisa Tufo from Sarajevo.

These non-governmental organizations gather more than five thousand women in entrepreneurship, both the owner of companies and trades, as well as those who are thinking about entrepreneurship and are actively working to realize their business plans.

Signing the agreement on joint regional cooperation and activities is an additional step forward not only in improving the business engagement of women, but also a reduction or even abolition of discrimination that women experience in many segments of activity in this part of Europe.

This regional association already has clear goals, but also the contents of a common action in the direction of:

• Innovative and constructive networking of SEE entrepreneurs;
• Strong motivations to start and develop women’s entrepreneurship;
• Logistics for the promotion and development of entrepreneurial activities of women in this part of Europe;
• Exchange of experience and joint action;
• Creating new market business co-operation and opportunities;
• Implementation of continuous education as the best investment in entrepreneurship;
• Engaged business activities of women;
• Encouraging Competitiveness and Excellence among Entrepreneurs:
• Reducing the marginalized position of women in the business world in many social settings;
• Opening up opportunities for effective positioning of women’s entrepreneurial activities in the European Union.

The mission of this regional initiative, unique not only in southeastern Europe but also in the world, is a priority to encourage women to engage in greater entrepreneurial engagement in the economy and to facilitate investment in education and learning in the entrepreneurial sector.