18. veljača, 2019

Široki Brijeg 15.02.2019 held an introductory workshop “MANAGE OUR OWN LIVES”

Jasminka Susmel,  a certified NLP practitioner and trainer, has hosted an introductory workshop “MANAGE OUR OWN LIVES ” based on NLP methods and principles.

We strive for success regardless of gender, age and current social status. Exhaustion, premature and underdeveloped stress can affect us equally.

Consciously unconsciously and / or unconsciously, we all have situations in life that we are not able to solve on their own. We are often “stuck” in those situations where our own blockades limit us, and we all want one; live – breathe, progress and fulfill our personal needs, desires and goals.


The “Pravi put” Association Ledinac, Grude in cooperation with the “Bonaventura” Association organized a free introductory seminar on 15 February 2019 in Siroki Brijeg to the satisfaction of a large number of interested and registered participants.