1. ožujak, 2019

#WorldNGODay – 27 February 2019 Palais de l’Europe, Council of Europe, Strasbourg

IMG_20190227_093437BONAVENTURA (Jasminka Susmel, Bonaventura, BiH) attended at the conference World NGO Day ;

Why do we need NGOs?

(I)NGO contribution to the work and to the mandate of the Council of Europe

 President INGO Conference, Ms Anna Rurka
 Chair of the Committee of Ministers’ Rapporteur Group on Democracy, H.E. Razvan Rusu
 Director of Human Dignity, Equality and Governance, DGII, Council of Europe, Ms Claudia Luciani

Session 1: (I)NGOs invaluable contribution to CoE’s mandate and to its work

Moderator: Mary Ann Hennessey

 Contribution of the INGOs to CoE standard setting: the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe (Anna Rurka) and Advisory Council of Youth (David Neuber)
 Contribution to CoE monitoring: execution of judgements (George Stafford, Co-Director of EIN), collective complaints procedures under ESC (Peter Verhaeghe, Caritas Europa)
Contribution to CoE cooperation activities: (Jasminka Susmel, Bonaventura, BiH)

Session 2: The cost to (I)NGOs, and their members, of working for human rights, democracy and the rule of law in a context of democratic decline
Moderator: Cyril Ritchie
 Directors of Schools of Political Studies: Alexander Dabravolski, East-European School of Political Studies, Minsk; Ilgar Mammadov, Baku Political Studies Programme (Video message).
Ref.: Secretary General annual reports, Recommendation CM/Rec(2018)11 on the need to strengthen the protection and promotion of the civil society space in Europe)

Session 3: (I)NGOs message about future perspectives for NGO participation in CoE
Moderator: Anna Rurka
A moderated and facilitated discussion to come to a max of three conclusions to share/transmit to the Committee of Ministers 22 March meeting in Warsaw and/or Ministerial session in Helsinki.