3. listopad, 2018


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In the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina today; On October 3rd, the first agreement in the history of Southeast Europe was signed in cooperation between women in entrepreneurship of four states: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, making this part of the Old Continent become a center for women’s entrepreneurship, strengthening co-operation among women as well as mutual respect regardless of the countries they come from.

The agreement was signed by the presidents of the most active and by the number of members  – the owners of companies and trades, the largest associations in all four Southeast European countries: “Virtual Women’s Entrepreneurial Center” from Zagreb, headed by entrepreneur and director of the center Sanela Dropulić, “Promotion of Healthy Living” headed by Sofija Bajić from Novi Sad, “Miniature Company – Little Thought, Great Work”, headed by a Slovenian entrepreneur from Ljubljana Zori Jakolin, and “Poduzetnici IN” from Bosnia and Herzegovina, represented by Adisa Tufo from Sarajevo.

These non-governmental organizations gather more than five thousand women in entrepreneurship, both the owner of companies and trades, as well as those who are thinking about entrepreneurship and are actively working to realize their business plans.

Signing the agreement on joint regional cooperation and activities is an additional step forward not only in improving the business engagement of women, but also a reduction or even abolition of discrimination that women experience in many segments of activity in this part of Europe.

This regional association already has clear goals, but also the contents of a common action in the direction of:

• Innovative and constructive networking of SEE entrepreneurs;
• Strong motivations to start and develop women’s entrepreneurship;
• Logistics for the promotion and development of entrepreneurial activities of women in this part of Europe;
• Exchange of experience and joint action;
• Creating new market business co-operation and opportunities;
• Implementation of continuous education as the best investment in entrepreneurship;
• Engaged business activities of women;
• Encouraging Competitiveness and Excellence among Entrepreneurs:
• Reducing the marginalized position of women in the business world in many social settings;
• Opening up opportunities for effective positioning of women’s entrepreneurial activities in the European Union.

The mission of this regional initiative, unique not only in southeastern Europe but also in the world, is a priority to encourage women to engage in greater entrepreneurial engagement in the economy and to facilitate investment in education and learning in the entrepreneurial sector.

2. listopad, 2018

Bonaventura expert associates participated at the seminar – How to successfully write and apply for the EU projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Today; 02.10.2018 in Sarajevo at Hotel Saraj, in front of EURHO Consulting j.d.o.o. from Osjek-Croatia; Tanja Popović-Filipović held a one-day seminar on how to successfully write and apply for the the EU project in B&H. The seminar was attended by about thirty participants, among them a professional associate of BONAVENTURA, Aida Vrućak.

Picture 022

The introductory part of the seminar presents the EU programs that can be applied from BiH, and who, in what way and for what it can apply on each individual program. Given the wide range of values that promotes and protects the EU, it is possible to apply for different projects, ranging from assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises, to the development of scientific research activities, human rights protection and environmental protection.

BONAVENTURA is particularly active in the areas of human rights protection and environmental protection, and EU funds are a great opportunity to apply for funding for projects that will contribute to better and healthier living conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond because BONAVENTURA has excellent cross-border cooperation with neighboring countries .

The very way of writing a project is explained, and what a project should contain to be in line with the requirements of the European Commission. Featured are some successful projects from Croatia, as well as currently open tenders and those that will be open soon , can be applied from BiH, such as Europe for Citizens 2014-2020. At the end of the seminar, all the participants were given certificates.

15. rujan, 2018


Today, members of the Coordination Board of the “Balkan region” from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia have held a working meeting. On the agenda, among other things, there was a Strategic Planning.

IMG_20180915_114324  IMG_20180915_114310

Through the regional exchange of practice experiences, high quality proposals have been made. It is also recognized as one of the key requirements for improving conditions for continued regional co-operation on gender issues and the establishment of a research team for assessing the situation in the region.

14. rujan, 2018

Regional Conferences: “Meeting Elections 2018: Increasing Women’s Participation in Decision Making Points in BiH”

A regional conference was held in Sarajevo to meet General Elections 2018 in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Increasing women’s participation in decision-making.

The Regional Conference Organizers are the Gender Equality Agency of BiH MHRR BiH, Bonaventure Association, funded by the Council of Europe.

The Regional Conference opened with introductory speeches by Samra Filipović Hadžiabdić – Director of the Agency for Gender Equality of Bosnia and Herzegovina MHRR BiH, and on behalf of  the Council of Europe the speech was held by  Guillaume Loiseau Advisor – Conseiller Directorate General II Democracy – Direction générale II Democratie.


Fotografija Bonaventura.

An overview of the activities aimed at increasing the participation of women in the light of General Elections 2018 in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  and a media campaign is also presented

“WE REPRESENT CANDIDATE – YOU CHOOSE ” which was thought out in support of candidates for all levels  of government during the 2018 general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

https://vimeo.com/289453716     https://vimeo.com/289453601  https://vimeo.com/289453475   https://vimeo.com/289453886

https://vimeo.com/289515060  https://vimeo.com/289527666  https://vimeo.com/289547720  https://vimeo.com/289572393

https://vimeo.com/289575572  https://vimeo.com/289576198  https://vimeo.com/289577113  https://vimeo.com/289584976  https://vimeo.com/289583401  https://vimeo.com/289585825  https://vimeo.com/289591206  https://vimeo.com/289932098

The panelists from BiH, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia presented the experiences and practices of the countries in the region.

Financijski podržano od Vijeća Europe

7. rujan, 2018

Media Campaign for General Election 2018 in B&H “We Present Candidates – You Choose!”

 Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina make up more than half of the population – and how many are in government?  


 Media Campaign for General Election 2018 in B&H “We Present Candidates – You Choose!”

The Agency for Gender Equality of the B&H Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees supported by the Council of Europe intends to change previous  practice of the pre-election  process  and to to provide an opportunity to a women candidates to get more media coverage to increase representation of women in legislative bodies and governments  as well as to all levels  of government reached the envisaged quota of the B&H Election Law from the mandatory 40%

Equality between men and women is guaranteed by the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, laws require gender equality at all levels, but in practice this is not the case.

The current state of participation of women at all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still less than 20%.

So far, it has been a practice that in the pre-election process women candidates get less media space, resulting in under-representation in legislative bodies and governments at all levels of government.

Financially supported by the Council of Europe untitled

12. srpanj, 2018

ELAN-Network of civil society organizations for lobbying and advocacy in the field of environmental protection “

IMG_20180712_090722 IMG_20180712_090939 IMG_20180712_090509 IMG_20180712_171058 IMG_20180712_170850

The Regional Center for Environment for Central and Eastern Europe, the Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina (REC BiH) organized / held the first training for media on the topic “THE ROLE OF MEDIA IN PROCESSES OF ENVIRONMENTAL DECISIONS IN BIH”, organized under the project “ELAN- Network of civil society organizations for lobbying and advocacy in the field of environmental protection “

4. srpanj, 2018

04.07.2018 Organized by the Regional Environment and Environment Center for Central and Eastern Europe; The Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina (REC BiH) held a consultative meeting for the forthcoming application of the projects


We attended today’s consultations, grateful to the organizers for the excellent consultative session, professional attitude and affirmative approach.

REC BIH participates in the assessment of current needs in the country and offers professional support and assistance in environmental activities. REC conducts its mission through: international exchange of information and data relevant for environmental protection and nature conservation; promoting dialogue between countries, organizations and other sectors in society; strengthening public awareness of ecological awareness and capacity building of key experts and decision-makers.

15. svibanj, 2018

Conference “Position and Protection of Women Journalists in BH Media”

 Source-text downloaded from the portal: www.bhnovinari.ba

The Conference on “Position and Protection of Journalists in BiH Media” was organized by the Association of BH Journalists in cooperation with the OSCE Mission in BiH and the Civil Rights Defenders organization.

IMG_9842-945x597  IMG_9852-768x455  32430392_10217102882431371_2336033416669036544_o  IMG_9860-300x200 32626998_10217103777333743_1871070191463432192_o   The women journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina are often a target of gender-motivated and other forms of harassment and threats while performing professional tasks. In addition, research has confirmed gender disparities at the expense of women, especially in media governance and editorial positions, a two-day conference on “Position and Protection of Women Journalists in Bosnia-Herzegovina Media”, which began today in Sarajevo.

The problems faced by women journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina do not only question freedom of expression and media but also gender equality, which is why there is a need for networking women journalists and strengthening solidarity as an interest category.

“Women Journalists are often the targets of harassment and threats in online and offline spheres. These issues need to address the public, “said the head of the OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bruce Berton and expressed the continued readiness of the organization for its contribution to the protection of the rights of journalists in BiH.

“A large number of cases of gender-motivated attacks on journalists, who have registered the Journalists Support Line, are just a part of the reason for considering the idea of establishing a network of journalists as a platform for solidarity and a struggle for their freedom and protection,” said Sweden’s ambassador to BiH, Anders Hagelberg.

Ena Bavčić, a program advisor to the Civil Rights Defenders organization, said that although the attacks on honor, reputation and physical integrity of women journalists do not treat them seriously as life threats, they continue to cause significant and damaging consequences of professional and personal / personal nature.

“I think it is time to start thinking about the position of women not only within the profession of journalism but also in the realization of civil and political rights. Women journalists need to be strengthened to report such attacks, ie the private way of confronting journalists, needs to be transferred to the public sphere and to work more thoroughly, “said Bavčić.

8. svibanj, 2018

We are very proud of our contribution to the wider community


Veliko hvala, Milan Knežević, što je učenicima otvorio jedan novi svijet, kamere, kadrova, snimateljskog posla, kao i gospođi Jasminka Susmel i Bonaventura organizaciji, koje su nas od sveg srca podržale u borbi protiv vršnjačkog nasilja! Bez Vas ovog filma, a samim tim ni zlatne medalje, ne bi bilo. Hvala!

Thank you, Milan Knežević, who opened a new world of cameras, cameras, cameraman jobs, and Mrs Jasminka Susmel and Bonaventure, who supported us from all my heart in the fight against peer violence! Without you this movie, and therefore no gold medal, would not have been. Thank you!


20.04.2018g. At the Municipality of Pale was held the first session about RECOGNITION OF THE POTENTIAL FOR SUCCESSFUL AND HEALTHY LIFE

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