20. srpanj, 2015

Global Youth Connect, July 2015. -DELEGATIONS OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN BH-Acting Together for Compassion, Human Rights, and Responsibility

10 students from across the world (US, Canada, France, UK and Armenia)  spent  three weeks in Bosnia in July 2015. headed by Miki Jacevic- Bosnia Program Director

The first two weeks they worked  with a local partner organization, Center for Peacebuilding, in Sanski Most, conducting  a workshop and internships. Following our stay in Sanski Most, we traveled  to Banja Luka, Mostar,  Srebrenica (where we attended  the 20th commemoration of the massacre) and finally  spent  one week in Sarajevo, July 13 to 17, 2015.

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10. srpanj, 2015


Agency for Gender Equality BiH today 07.10.2015 in Sarajevo organized a meeting for the cities signatories of the European Charter on Gender Equality at the local level and local action plans for implementing UNSCR 1325.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the Agency for Gender Equality BH -Kika Babić Svetlin and Kristina Krstović, employees of OSCE Sarajevo – Elmaja Bavčić and Vanja Matić, representative of the City Niš – Jelena Žarić Kovačević, representative of the City of Bijeljina Ljubica Mlađenović, representative of the City of East Sarajevo – Vinka Berjan, representative of the City of East Sarajevo – Duška Ždero, representative of NGO “SNOP” Rogatica- Sladjana Ujić and representative of NGO “Bonaventura” Sarajevo-Jasminka Susmel.

The meeting had very positive and constructive character, and the topic of the meeting was, among other things, the exchange of experiences and good practices on gender issues at the local level, as well as the issue of human security. The conclusion was agreed the next steps of cooperation.


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22. travanj, 2015


EARTH DAY 1 index   DSC01386 DSC01384  DSC01388 DSC01389

Bonaventura joined the activities in the action in Doboj Jug, Doboj and Maglaj, presenting TEGO Handbag card conveniently designed for a celebratory day Earth Day !

….we recommend you :  https://vimeo.com/125702587

21. travanj, 2015

A meeting with the representatives of the United States of America (USA) Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

USA.Still001 USA.Still002 USA.Still005


President of the Association Bonaventura at the  meeting with the representatives of the United States of America (USA) Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms Stefanie Altman-Winans, Director of the Public Affairs Office.

We strongly recommend you to look at interview :  https://vimeo.com/125120929


Bonaventura visited the Greek Embassy in Sarajevo

DSC01370 DSC01371

H.E. Karolos Gadis Ambassador at the friendly meeting with the President of Bonaventure

15. travanj, 2015

Agency for Gender Equality, Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees with the support of the OSCE Mission to BiH, on the occasion of the working visit to Sarajevo HE Ambassador Swanee Hunt

DSC01306   DSC01319  JASMINKA and LOLA

5. travanj, 2015


imagesE    Happy-Easter-my-photos-36730934-1024-768

HAPPY EASTER  , bonaventura

14. ožujak, 2015

The traveling project school

In Mostar, a two-day training “RC on Tour: A traveling project school” was held from 09th – 10.03.2015. g, participated  our assistant for the Herzegovina area  Žana Alapeza.

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We are grateful to the colleagues they held a great training!


24. veljača, 2015

President of Bonaventura in a working visit to the Agency for prevention and coordination of fight against corruption BH


URED APIK -1 URED apik-2

President of the Association Bonaventura Ms. Jasminka Susmel, today was in a working visit to the Agency for prevention and coordination of fight against corruption BH, where she met the director of the APIK  Sead Lisak. On the creative, working a half-hour meeting they exchanged the concrete ideas and proposals about future cooperation, which is another in a series of positive examples of networking contacts non-governmental sector and State institutions in BiH. At the meeting, among other things,they also discussed how the non-governmental sector is an important factor in the process of implementation of activities to motivate and educate professional and general public about the gender aspects of corruption. The meeting ended with an agreement on future steps that will lead to constructive cooperation between the APIK and Association Bonaventura.




22. veljača, 2015

The meeting with the Ombudsperson for Gender Equality in Republic of Croatia

…completely transferring article published on the official website of the Office of the Ombudsperson for Gender Equality in the Republic of Croatia


  Waste is not garbage

19   February 2015

Bona ventura za webOmbudsperson Višnja Ljubičić met today with the president of the Sarajevo Association ‘Bonaventura – Association for the improvement of living and culture’, Jasminka Susmel. The Association has created the so-called. TEGO Concept section (Tourism, Environment, Gender, Environment). It is a comprehensive project that represents a link between the key social actors in the community: associations – local community – business entities with a view to the economic revitalization of the population through the development of various environmental and alternative forms of action such as recycled production, with special emphasis on the empowerment of vulnerable groups (the poor, women,  people with disabilities, etc.) . The Association is in the mentioned project has developed a form of production from waste materials and thus provide employment opportunities for the most vulnerable groups. They are everyday items (type, bags) of hand-recycled waste packaging, paper and plastic bags. This project unless it strengthens the unemployed and protecting human environment, promote equality and basic human rights – to increase livelihood security and poverty reduction. At the meeting with the ombudsman has been agreed future cooperation with the association and connection with potential partners on the Croatian side (GTF)  in terms of further strengthening and development of this interesting project.




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